The information on this website is a introduction to Ingenium, giving an overview of who we are and what we can do. It is not an exhaustive list and we would welcome any enquiries regarding upcoming projects you may have.

Projects We Have Completed:

  • Major conveyance project including over 2km of DC 24v dual tier conveyor, multiple turntables, drop sections and a triple tiered false lorry with pallet stacker
  • JIT conveyor with complex routing and logistics issues over part sequencing with DC roller beds, bespoke conveyance solutions, cam lifts, lineside drop sections and false lorry facility capable of reversing the sequence of the incoming parts (multiple derivatives) and combining prior to being fed to line
  • Floor mounted plastic slat track totalling over 200m in length plus associated bespoke conveyance sections, turntables and hoists
  • New masking and de-masking lines in an automotive paint shop across 4 floors, including new drop sections multiple types of conveyor from plastic slat to man riders, automated foil dispensers, turntables and associated material handling
  • Complex assistor package delivering 120kg parts as a single operator process to a moving production line including standby unit